CMA Associates Teach Science Classes to Local Middle School Students

June 07, 2017

In June 2017, associates from CMA (Tacoma) visited Frontier Middle School, located near the facility, to teach an experimental science class to 7th grade students.  Over the course of two days, associates presented to eight classes.


Associates began the class by first introducing themselves and what they do at CMA, Toray and CMA, then began to focus on environmental issues such as water shortages and possible solutions to these issues.  Students were shown that through the process of water filtration, particles (including viruses) could be separated from water to produce clean drinkable water.   Using a Toray ultrafiltration (UF) membrane as an example of the process, the associates showed the students how to separate clear sugar water from orange juice. 


After explaining different water filtration methods, the lesson moved on to carbon fiber and prepreg.  Students learned what prepreg is, the steps to make it, and the environmental benefits from it.  Concluding the lesson, students were able to see and discuss finished products made with carbon fiber.


CMA is proud to share knowledge of science and innovation with local young students, and looks forward to ongoing opportunities to continue teaching these classes.