Earth Day at CMA Tacoma

Earth Day at CMA Tacoma

April 19, 2019

On April 19th, Tacoma plant celebrated Earth Day, and was open invite for all employees. The event ran from 11am to 2pm. Earth Day is a global event, aiming at making environmental responsibility a priority for everyone, and to increase ecological awareness.

Tacoma’s event provided food, drinks, and eco-friendly games to play. There was also a photo booth, and tables set up to allow attendees to watch a slideshow on the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), participate in quizzes, and enjoy the food provided. Prior to the event, a slogan contest was held, with the aim of coming up with a catchphrase that encompasses Toray’s commitment to environmental responsibility. There were two winners; “Gomi Zero” (a Japanese phrase that means “Zero Trash”), and “Rolling out a Path to Zero Waste”. These slogans were used on items given away by our Environmental team, including water bottles and T shirts.

Local vendors were invited to attend to talk to employees about ways they can be more eco-friendly at home and work, and to give away items such as pens, recycled notebooks, and more. The vendors included Tacoma Power, who spoke about ways to save on your electric bill and reduce environmental impact, and the Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC), who showed us a cross section of things that can be made from recycled carbon fiber. CRTC works closely with Toray, and seeing the range of products that can be made from scrap carbon fiber was certainly a highlight for many. University of Washington was another vendor invited to attend, and their Department of Mechanical Engineering bought along a racecar made with Toray’s carbon fiber. E-waste bins were set up to allow associates to recycle old electronic items, and these were made available throughout the weekend.

Overall, the Earth Day event was a success. Attendance was high, vendors were engaging, food was eaten, and the message of corporate responsibility towards preserving the environment was well communicated. It is our aim to celebrate the event annually, and we look forward to next year’s festivities. In the meantime, CMA will “continue its efforts in environmental preservation, and reducing carbon fiber composites from reaching landfills.”