Sports & Industrial

CMA produces Sports and Industrial grade products with several fiber and resin types using a wide range of fiber areal weights and resin contents. Depending on fiber type, prepreg can be produced with fiber areal weight ranging from 70 - 300 g/m2. Resin contents can range from 24% to 42% (% by weight). Listed below are brief fiber and resin selection guides to help with product selection.   

Fiber Selection

Toray offers the widest variety and range of carbon fiber in the world. Using these fibers, with many strengths and modulus specifications, CMA produces an array of prepreg products. The chart below displays typical properties* of the carbon fibers Toray has to offer.

*These are typical values and are to be used for material selection purposes only

Resin Selection

Toray resins are produced in a wide range of material properties and are specifically designed to meet diverse and challenging applications. The following resin selection guide is helpful in determining which resin system is best suited to a particular application.

G38N: This 250°F system is an x-ray transparent resin primarily used in the medical industry where clear attenuation of x-ray parts is needed.

G91: This is our standard 250°F cure, durable (tough) system for recreational and multi-purpose applications.

G94: Same as G91 but with higher Tg, usually used on higher strength and high modulus fibers.

G28: Similar to G94 but is a high flow resin system and offers higher compression strength and a higher Tg than G94.

G83C: This resin system provides a quick cure  (300°F for 10 min) with a high Tg and good processing – used where high cycle applications are required.

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