Research & Development

sem Composite Materials Research Laboratory (CMRL) at CMA is comprised of a team of research scientists from the U.S. and Japan collaborating on materials research and development to serve current and future needs for the composites industry, including aerospace, general aviation, industrial and sporting applications. 

The Laboratory’s unique research capabilities and specialty equipment have led to new resin and prepreg development with novel properties, including #2511 Out-Of-Autoclave (OOA) capable prepreg, which is currently being utilized in general aviation and aerospace applications. The CMRL has also developed the ability to create low temperature cure resin system, high glass transition temperature (Tg) with Low water absorption resin systems and rapid cure composite systems.  

CMRL facility consists of over 15,000 square feet of research, development and pilot manufacturing space. With a pilot prep egging line on hand, the Laboratory can conduct a variety of research activities ranging from proof-of-concept to production, including advanced prototyping, material system development, and advanced material characterizations. The facility also includes a full line of thermo-analysis, chemical, and mechanical characterization, as well as microscopy capable of submicron and 2nm resolutions.  

CMRL’s research and development generates intellectual property and notability for CMA and Toray Industries in the form of patents, presentations, and research articles.