New Material Research

The material research at CMRL is focused on design of resin systems, prepreg products, and manufacturing technologies maximizing research performance and integration of multi-functionality. The CMRL has used its research and development capabilities to design several new materials and resin systems by using various forms of mechanical tests and analytical techniques. 

The following are examples of CMRL’s research activities:

  • Out-Of-Autoclave (OOA) Cure Prepregs: CMRL has developed a methodology capable of converting autoclave-cure prepregs into OOA prepregs. Cured with just a vacuum source and an oven, these materials achieve less than one percent void content. This innovative processing method saves costs in both equipment needed and energy use. CMRL has improved the state-of-the-art Toray interlayer toughened prepreg system to achieve 0% void for an OOA cure.
  • High glass transition temperature (Tg) material: CMRL has developed a material system capable of high operating temperatures than the commercially available 180C cure system. The advantage of this material system is it superior mechanical performance at high temperatures, especially after environmental (hot/wet) conditioning. 
  • Low temperature cure prepreg: Low temperature cure resin systems allows the users to lower the cost of tooling making them an ideal processing material especially for general aviation manufacturers and industrial usage. This system offers flexibility in processing (Autoclave cure and OOA cure) also maintaining the handling characteristics as well as its superior mechanical properties.

No toughening 

Non-Toughened Prepreg
Out-of-Autoclave Cure [Void: 0%]

Interlayer toughened

 Interlayer Toughened Prepreg
Out-of-Autoclave Cure [Void 0%]