Composite Mechanics

The CMRL studies composite mechanics with experimental testing and observation through micromechanical failure mechanisms as well as computational analysis. The Laboratory studies and replicates the mechanics of resin development creating new prepreg design concepts. These studies allow the design of new resin and prepreg systems meeting future needs for our customers. 

Examples of mechanics research activities:
  • Micromechanics of composite/neat resin including experimental mechanics and computational analysis.
  • Study on Prepreg permeability for OOA cure material systems.
Equipment and analysis tools: 
  • Mechanical testing frame
  • Finite element modelling(FEM)
  • Digital image correlation(2D/3D DIC)


Resin Compression Test
Preparation of Cylindrical coupon investigating
resin compression failure mechanism


Digital Image Correlation Setup
2D DIC capturing edge/displacements/
3D DIC capturing in-place displacements

DIC measurement

 V-Notch Test

DIC measurement: Shear stress


Center-notched Tension Test

Opening displacement/Sliding displacement
obtained from DIC 

OHC microscopy

 Microscopy of OHS specimen

Identification of OHS failure mechanism
(Kink-band in the O deg layer)


FEM Analysis

crack propagation simulated using
Progressive First Ply Failure (PFPF)