Associates Participate in Annual Giving Campaign

December 17, 2013

As part of its annual ‘Giving Campaign,’ Toray Composites America once again offered two charity opportunities for its associates this past holiday season.

The first opportunity was for associates to donate money through the United Way of Pierce County.  Money raised by this organization helps to fund over 100 Tacoma-area programs and creates long-term opportunities for TCA’s fellow community members. A percentage of the money raised by associates was matched by TCA and also donated to the United Way.

The second charity opportunity is through TCA’s ‘Giving Tree,’ which provides Christmas gifts to local children in need. Nearby Bethel School District provided TCA with gifts tags for 20 families, totaling nearly 70 children. With each tag listing a ‘want’ and a ‘need’ of one child, associates could choose any tag to shop for. TCA matched its associates’ efforts by purchasing the gifts from about half of the total tags. In the end, over 250 gifts were purchased by TCA and associates combined.

Because the TCA family is bigger than ever before, participation in the 2013 Giving Campaign was very strong. TCA is happy to provide charitable contributions to the local community, and looks forward to ongoing opportunities to do so.

2013 Giving 2

2013 Giving 3

Introducing Toray to Frederickson Elementary

November 11, 2013

On November 4th, 5th, and 7th, members of TCA’s General Affairs department taught experimental science classes to three 5th grade classes at nearby Frederickson Elementary School. The 86 total students who participated in the classes were introduced to Toray Industries, water filtration technology, TCA, and prepreg manufacturing.

Bethel Class 1

The presentation began with an introduction to Toray Industries, Inc. and TCA. Learning first about water filtration, the students were taught about the idea of separating particles by size, and got to see Toray’s ultrafiltration membrane separate clear water from orange juice.

After water filtration, the lesson moved to carbon fiber and prepreg. The students learned what prepreg is, and the steps that it takes to make it. Thanks to sample materials provided by Toray’s CSR Operations Department, students got to see first-hand the difference in weight between metal and carbon fiber. Students discussed the environmental benefits of water filtration and carbon fiber, like providing drinking water around the world and reducing greenhouse gasses from airplanes.

Bethel Class 2

The students were eager to learn about Toray and TCA, and had good questions and comments about their class; they were surprised to hear how many people do not have clean drinking water and how Toray’s technology can have such an impact around the world. TCA plans to expand the class so other associates can teach to more students in our area. 

See below for the article in Bethel School District's newsletter and video about TCA's class:

Bethel Pride

Bethel Article 2013

CPTC Math Conference Features TCA Presentation

October 17, 2013

Jay B PresentationOn October 10, TCA’s Standardization Manager, Jay Berndt, presented to over 100 eighth grade students about how math is applied in his job. Part of the 6th Annual Clover Park Technical College Math Conference in Lakewood, Jay was one of many presenters whom the students listened to that day.

The conference was designed to demonstrate the importance of math in the real world, and students chose to hear from four out of over 80 presenters from different career fields like home building, marketing, firefighting, and of course, prepreg manufacturing.

Students attending Jay’s presentations learned about the impact that composite materials are making around the world.  They also learned about many ways in which math is applied to Jay’s work at TCA, including money savings, quality control metrics, explaining equipment behavior, and how to predict outcomes.

Jay used candy as an example to show students how to find the sum, mean, and standard deviation using a set of numbers. Each student drew a different number, which would hypothetically be the number of pieces of candy they could receive. They learned how to decide, with about 95% certainty, whether they would vote to keep their current number of candies, or pool everyone’s candy together and distribute it evenly.  While many of the students knew intuitively if they wanted to pool their candy together, they did not fully understand how to apply the mathematical concepts.

The engaged classrooms left with new knowledge of the growing composites industry and the important role that math plays in a job like Jay’s.

TCA is proud to be an active member of the community, providing many opportunities for education. We look forward for future opportunities to engage with young people and offer information and insight as they consider the career and life options ahead of them. 

Associates "Stuff the Bus" and Raise Money for Bethel School District

August 3, 2013

BSD Donation 2013

Toray Composites America (TCA) has had a longstanding relationship with nearby Bethel School District. For several years, this is where the company has focused its community involvement and education efforts, and the 2013 TCA picnic was another opportunity to serve BSD.

On August 3, 2013, TCA employees and their families gathered for the annual company picnic, held on-site at TCA's facility. In addition to food, music, and games, guests were invited to bring school supplies to help “Stuff the Bus,” and pay $1 per ball to dunk their managers in a dunk tank. A Bethel School District bus on site collected many bags of school supplies for BSD, and the popular dunk tank generated money for BSD. After the dunk tank proceeds were matched by TCA, a check was presented to Jay Brower of Bethel School District.

Brower expressed his appreciation of the donation on behalf of BSD, and explained that TCA is viewed as an icon in our part of the community. Bethel School District often looks towards TCA as a shining example of good business practices and community involvement.

TCA is happy to have such a strong relationship with Bethel School District, and looks forward to additional opportunities in the future to support the district and its students.


TCA Participates in PCSC's "Plan for Your Future Day"

April 18, 2013

While it is obvious that TCA is highly invested PSCS Career Day 1in the training and education of its own employees, it is also an active contributor to the education of high school age students in the Tacoma area who are interested in composite manufacturing. The Pierce County Skills Center (PCSC), established in 2010, features an Aerospace Composites program for those very students. TCA has been working with the program to help develop the curriculum, which is modeled directly after real projects that students will experience when they emerge into the work force.

Jeff Hawkey, TCA’s Senior Production Manager, has been on the PCSC aerospace composite program’s advisory committee for six months. While Jeff and TCA are eager to be involved in a program that has a lot to offer for local students, it is a mutually beneficial partnership. So naturally, when PCSC had its first career fair, “Plan for Your Future Day,” on April 18th, TCA had no hesitation in participating. In addition to a lobby full of company and school booths, the event also had classrooms reserved for presentations by each participant.  

PCSC Career Day 2Representing TCA was Jared Campbell, Technical Engineer; and John Knasiak, Production Technician. With a room full of students enrolled in the aerospace composites program, Campbell and Knasiak provided an overview of TCA’s history, products, work environment, training and safety, and benefits. For many students, this was a first glimpse at where their new skills and education could actually take them. TCA looks forward to an ongoing partnership with PCSC’s Aerospace Composites program. More information about PCSC and its programs can be found at www.pcskillscenter.org.