2016 Holiday Giving Campaign

December, 2016

Each year TCA holds its annual “Giving Campaign” which consists of the United Way pledge drive and the Giving Tree event. In the first half of the campaign, United Way, which is the largest charitable organization in the United States, gathers donations from associates that aid programs which ensure a strong start for kids, connect to the local Pierce County community, ensure success in the early grades, build strong families, provide basic needs or provide supportive services. In addition to the contributions from the associates,TCA also provides a generous donation to the organization. The second half of the campaign is Giving Tree, a collaboration between TCA and the local Bethel School District’s Community Connections. The Giving Tree is a campaign which provides Christmas gifts to children in need. Counselors from the local school district were requested to gather wish lists from students and submitted 75 lists that associates picked and shopped for. Many of the participants took the time to gift wrap their donations. At the end of the event, any remaining wish list gifts were purchased by TCA totaling roughly 300 gifts donated to the school district. TCA is incredibly grateful for the effort put in by its associates and their contributions to the 2016 Giving Campaign. We are delighted to provide charitable contributions to the local community and look forward to the future opportunities to continue doing so.  

United Way 2016

TCA's Jessica Robinson hands off TCA's donation to United Way

Giving Tree

Donations from the Giving Tree in Bethel Outreach bus 


Bringing Science to the Community

July 8th, 2016  

On Thursday, February 18th, TCA participated in the 2016 Elk Plain School of Choice Science Night in Spanaway, Washington; an annual event showcasing the science projects of about 50 students who attend Elk Plain Elementary School which also invites local companies to attend.

Representatives from TCA setup a table alongside the students’ projects to show how the company makes a difference in the local community; as well as give the students a deeper appreciation for the way science impacts the world.   As the night concluded, attendees were impressed by the TCA’s table and the associates who answered questions regarding TCA, its products and local environmental projects.

In May of 2016, TCA was able to visit another local school to teach an experimental science classes to 7th grade students.  Over the course of two days, May 24th and May 25th, associates presented to 132 students in four classes.

The classes began with a presentation that introduced Toray and TCA proceeded by a discussion about environmental issues and possible solutions.  Associates used a Toray Hollow Fiber membrane to demonstrate different types of water filtration methods and explained which type of filters could produce clean drinkable water.

Concluding the lesson, students were able to learn how TCA and its products contribute to the environment by providing sustainable solutions such as carbon fiber and prepreg.  

TCA is proud to share knowledge of science and innovation with local young students, and looks forward to ongoing opportunities to do so.

Science in the Community