Carbon Fiber Applications

Aerospace Applications

TORAYCA® carbon fibers are recognized as a critical part of modern aviation and aerospace applications including primary and secondary structure for Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft, the International Space Station, satellites, rocket motor casings, and expendable launch vehicles like the Boeing Delta programs. TORAYCA® T800 carbon fiber is the only carbon fiber that has attained certification from the FAA for the critical flight path components for the Boeing 777.

Industrial Applications

New uses for TORAYCA® carbon fibers are developing at a rapid pace. From lightening a firefighter's load to making an automobile more fuel efficient, lightweight tanks made from TORAYCA® fiber are replacing heavy traditional metallic pressure vessels. Improved X-ray equipment, energy storage batteries, ground based antennas, blades for wind generators, and rollers for the converting industry are but a few of the applications in which TORAYCA® carbon fiber is changing our lives.

Recreational Applications

TORAYCA® carbon fibers are proven material solutions for the demanding and competitive nature of recreational and sports applications. Typical products include golf club shafts, commercial and game fishing rods, wind surfing equipment, bicycle components, skiing equipment and tennis racquets. On a larger scale, TORAYCA® carbon fiber is the choice for America's Cup sailboats and other high performance marine craft.